Walk, Talk & Music – Blue Carbon & the restoration of local kelp forests (#HelpOurKelp)

Marine ecosystems like seagrass meadows, salt marshes and mangroves absorb or ‘draw down’ carbon dioxide from the water and atmosphere. The storage of carbon in marine habitats is called blue carbon. The storage of blue carbon can be in the plants themselves, like seaweed and seagrass; in the seafloor sediment where plants are rooted; or even in the animals which live in the water, including seabirds, fish and larger mammals.

The walk will take us along the beach from Brighton Marina to the Hand in Hand pub in Kemptown (1.2 miles).

The talk will introduce the concept of “blue carbon” and the potential that rewilding our seas and coasts has for the capture of carbon as well as for further climate change mitigation. It will specifically touch on the Help our Kelp project by the Sussex WT which looks to restore 200 sqkm of lost kelp forests between Brighton and Selsey. We will end the talk with a short (approx. 20 minutes) acoustic set by The Lürxx, a rock band which is very invested in nature conservation, science communication and exploring new avenues of collaboration between the arts and the sciences.

The Walk & Talk will be led by Scott from the Plover Rovers. Scott founded Plover Rovers in 2020 while being on furlough from his job as a marine biologist to combine his passion for science communication and outreach with his love for the coast and hiking. The ‘Talking the Coast’ project wants to help demystify science by bringing scientists into local communities and making it up-close and personal rather than hosting yet another top-down conference.


Brighton Marina – 113 Queens Road, Brighton BN1 3XG

Sunday 3rd October

1.30 pm – 2.30 pm (plus allow time to walk back to the Marina if you’re heading back)