Sustainable Sushi Making Class

Moshimo has championed locally and ethically sourced products for over two
We choose to work with trusted and small-scale fish suppliers, creating a close
relationship with local fishermen from the South coast just a few miles from outside
of Brighton & Hove. This relationship is fundamental to our sustainability
policy because it means we can give these local fishers a dedicated market for
sustainably caught fish. It also means that our fish is as fresh as it possibly
can be. For food that we can’t source within the UK, we seek to minimise the
distance it takes to travel to us. For example, our sushi rice is grown in the Italian
region of Piedmont and has been approved by Japan’s best chefs as meeting the
same quality as the sushi rice grown in Japan itself.

Moshimo, Bartholomew Square, Brighton, BN11JS

Sunday 3rd October

4.00 pm

£35 per person

To book your place please email info@moshimo.co.uk, please include the
number in your party and your telephone number. Tickets must be paid for
at the time of booking.